Right and Wrong Pest Control Methods

Are you aware which ones are safe and which ones could kill your pets, sicken your kids and destroy your furniture?

No one should allow a pest control company into their home without asking these 3 questions

Ask Your Contractor
To provide you with a standard bid.
Compare it against these standards
If it doesn't stack up, shouldn't that tell you something about INTEGRITY?
What pest control companies don't want you to know, don't want to ask, and will never tell you!
This report will help you know EXACTLY what to look for and the questions to ask any contractor to ensure you get the best deal!

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Are your technicians properly certified?

All pest control companies have to be licensed to apply hazardous chemicals in their state. But here's the problem. The companies are licensed - but the technicians AREN'T. The state only requires the companies to be licensed - not the technicians performing the work. This is a loophole in the law that Hungry Critters Pest Control finds unacceptable. After all, they are applying toxic chemicals in your home. 
Ask your pest control contractor to provide proof that the technician performing the application has received the proper certifications. Don't settle for a certificate that names the company as a certified agent - make sure the technician has been personally certified.

Will the chemical hurt my family or pets?

All chemical treatments should be professionally applied by certified technicians only. Make no mistake the chemicals they use are hazardous and can cause illness and in extreme cases, even death. Small children and pets are extremely susceptible. That's why extreme care MUST be exercised for several hours following the application.
Make sure your contractor provides specific instructions and guidance following the chemical application. This should be through a personal consultation as well as a reference tool such as DVD or YouTube video. 

What if the bugs
come back?

The average exterminator will provide a 90-day guarantee of their applications. This simply means that if the bugs come back anytime in 3 months they will reapply the treatment. In other words, the exterminator will come back at their convenience and spray your home again - and hope that it works this time. This means additional work and hassle for the homeowner, not the exterminator. 
Ask your pest control contractor if they will provide you with a minimum 6-month warranty on each application. If they will, it indicates confidence in their chemicals and their application process.

At Hungry Critters Pest Control, we want you to have the best materials AND the best prices. That's why we require our technicians to undergo a rigorous training and certification program so you can rest assured your home is being treated by a true professional. This training includes 16 hours of intense classroom training - as well as on-site testing of chemical applications to ensure your family's safety and well-being. In fact, our technicians are required to present their certification to EVERY one of our customers PRIOR to starting the job.

Once our technician has completed the chemical application, they sit down with the customer and carefully explain what needs to take place over the next 3 hours - a process that is designed to maximise the safety of your family. They even provide EVERY customer with a quick 5 minute video that carefully explains these critical steps in plain, simple language in case the homeowner forgets what needs to be done. This will ensure maximum effectiveness while providing your family and possessions with the care and safety you demand. Your family's safety is our number one priority.

And when it comes to guaranteeing our work, our track record speaks for itself. Do we ever have complaints? Well, not very often. Our current success ratio is over 95% - currently the BEST in the industry! This is directly attributable to our skilled technicians. Since we feel confident in our technician's expertise to ALWAYS provide you with a top-quality chemical application, we're able to offer you the only 10 year termite warranty* in the pest control industry. A warranty that covers not only the chemicals but workmanship as well - and is fully transferable a new owner should you ever decide to sell your home. This is unmatched by any exterminator in our industry.

We provide all this and much, much more - for the SAME PRICE the other guys charge for inferior materials and workmanship.

*Conditions apply - please contact us for details

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